What if I only spoke kindness

By Lynne Cory

What if I make a conscious effort that from this day forward I will not say or listen to any negative word about another person?

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What if this past negativity has left me with a dirty and nauseas feeling. If I chance to be in the presence of gossiping people, I might chose to say that I did not see it that way or else change the subject and ask if they have a good recipe for cheesecake or remove myself from the area for awhile?

What if it is not up to me to judge another but it is up to me to choose what I say and hear? What if now that I am aware of this lesson, none of it will be an issue anymore?


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One thought on “What if I only spoke kindness

  1. Liz Sands says:

    I love the what-ifs. The spoken word is so powerful, and negativity is a good thing to walk away from. I got to experience that challenge recently and found I still have work to do. Thank you for the reminders!

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