What If I See Beauty And Kindness In Others?

By Lynne Skaggs

What If IconWhat if what I see “outwardly” is how I am “inwardly”? What if I encounter frustrated, annoying or angry people: could I be angry, annoyed or frustrated? What if I encounter people who seem to need a lot of attention, do I feel not acknowledged? What if I notice loving, gentle, peaceful people: are they a mirror of how I am feeling? What if I see beauty and kindness in others, are they seeing the beauty and kindness in me?


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One thought on “What If I See Beauty And Kindness In Others?

  1. Brave Dave says:

    You are what you are, and “birds of a feather flock together”.

    So, yes, you attract what you project. If you are broke, negative and of ill health, you’ll attract broke negative sick people into your life.
    AND – you have the power within you to change that…

    What if – What if each of us projected that we are blessed, abundant, healthy, happy, loving members of the family called humanity. What impact could we make on the world? What would be the ripple effects? There’s a movement we should all be a part of…

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