What If We Imagine Something Nice?

By Lynne Skaggs

What If IconWhat if?

… this week we make a special effort to notice something good in every person we encounter and even if we do not know them we “imagine” something nice?

What if?

… I see that you have the most beautiful eyes, I bet you have traveled to a lot of fun and far away places,
you have amazing handwriting,
your choice of clothing and color is quite tasteful,
your speaking voice is so soothing,
his loving actions with his children is a delight to watch,
she is so kind to her mom and dad,
her helpfulness is appreciated by her neighbors,
his loving advice is empowering to all near him,
what a great business mind she has, such patience with others,
I bet he is fortunate to speak two languages,
she sees the best in every situation,
he is able to cry which helps others to feel their feelings,
he is such a hard working person,
I bet he has astonishing musical ability,
she is so sweet and gentle with animals,
you are using all of your talents to help others,
you are doing the absolute best that you can….

What if?

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