What is it About this Word Healing?

Hero in You

What is it About this Word Healing?

Y’know, healing takes all aspects of who we are. Healing…first of all, I don’t really like the word ‘healing.’ I know, I know, I’m teaching Holographic Healing, but it’s really holographic integration, but nobody knows what that is.

Is Something Broken?

Y’know, healing automatically assumes that something’s wrong or something’s broken. So, I’m searching for a new word, and if you come up with one, put it on our Facebook page. Holographic…wellness…doesn’t have the same ring to it, but please, help me out here. It’s really all about connection. You know, the emotional body is connected to the mental body, the mental body’s connected to the physical body, the physical body’s connected to the spiritual body, the neck bone’s connected to the knee bone…well maybe not the knee bone…the neck bone’s connected to the head bone, the head bone’s connected to the spine bone…y’know, all of that.

Guess This Song

It seems that with this energy as it’s moving right now, lots of things are going on: lots of excitement, lots of energy, lots of movement, lots of action, lots of connection. Through all of this, every time I put on my Bluetooth—I’ve got a Bluetooth speaker—every time I put it on it plays the exact same song. So that must be something that I need. Guess what song it is…do you know? Post what song you think it is. I’ve played it at lots of retreats, I’ve played it at lots of events. I’m sure I’ll play it at the upcoming retreat in Stamford, CT and where are we going…Chicago, San Jose, Salem, MA. I’m sure I’ll play it in Philadelphia…I’m sure I’ll play it at all of those.

Living Quantumly

It’s about living quantumly. It’s about creating the life that you’re choosing to live. What do you think the song is? Every single time—I mean, it doesn’t matter if it’s 2:00 in the afternoon or 7:00 in the morning; it doesn’t matter if I’m getting in my car, it doesn’t matter if I’m getting in my house and turning on my speaker, it’s the exact same song.

Play My Game

So comment down below somewhere, I think you can do that, and tell me what you think it is, and then next time I’ll tell you what it is. It’ll be like a game! How fun will that be? Namaste, ya’ll, namaste.