What is the Metaphor of Alaska?

More Advice from Alaska

I am continuing with the theme of Alaska, and I have more advice from Alaska. Be bold, see the big picture, enjoy life’s peaks and valleys, soar to new heights, cherish wide open spaces, find your true nature, and live largely.

Be Bold

So, how could that possibly be connected to you? How could being bold help you live in this world? Well, It’s my opinion that sometimes, as a Light Plurker, as Adironnda calls us, we tend not to state our intentions or not state our feelings about something, because we feel like we should be the bigger person. It’s okay to be bold and state exactly how you’re feeling if you’re coming from a place of love and not a place of ego.

The Big Picture

When you see the big picture, you realize that the big picture is really what it’s all about. The big picture is the power of who you are. Yes, life does have peaks and valleys, absolutely it does. And we are going to, when we encompass those peaks and valleys, soar to new heights. Those wide-open spaces in our lives, those places in our lives that we think, “I’m not sure what’s going on. I’m not sure what’s happening.” Or we claim, “I don’t know. I don’t know.” Keeping in mind that every time you say, “I don’t know,” that is your purchase order so you get more of, “I don’t know.”

Find Your True Nature

We do cherish those places in our life where we can have a space to be, have a space to fill, have space to center ourselves, and live as large as you feel like you are, finding your true nature. Even though it’s cold outside, and rainy today, I watch the birds and they don’t care. I watch this fat little squirrel that’s eating all of my birdseed, and he doesn’t really care about the rain.

Powerful Metaphor

It is a powerful metaphor to feel the largeness and the massiveness of Alaska. And the massiveness of living on a lake and feeling that flow in your world all the time. How are you living your boldness? Are you distinguishing between the big picture and the little picture? Are you enjoying all the peaks and the valleys in your life? Are you willing to soar to new heights? Are you willing to cherish those wide-open spaces? Are you willing to experience life as only you can experience? Are you willing to go outside even in icky weather?

I was listening to meditation the other day and they said, “Go outside and pull your shoes off, and put your feet on the bare ground to help you ground yourself and help you anchor that energy into the ground.” And they said, “Even do that if it’s snow on the ground.” I didn’t do that, but I think I will today on this rainy day, to put my feet on the wet grass and help me to live whatever size I’m meant to live, large or small. How does that pertain to you?

Namaste, ya’ll. Namaste

Have you ever gone outside to ground yourself in unfavourable weather? If so, please share with a comment below. We love hearing your feedback and stories!


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