What Is This Word Forgiveness?

What Is This Word Forgiveness?

Hi, It’s Joeaux. Y’know, Marilyn recently did a great little video about What Is This Word Healing, and I watched it and I thought, “Gosh, there’s so many words that we come across when we’re working with people that trigger them”, and one of the words that we’ve noticed, lately, recently, that really triggers people, is the word forgiveness, of all things.

Y’know, in A Course in Miracles they talk about forgiveness. It’s the number one thing to do in your life to get peace…forgive others, forgive yourself…forgive in the moment that it happens. And I know that was a really tough one for me…I worked almost a decade on forgiving a couple of people.

Just Be Willing

And then one day I called up Marilyn and I said, “how do you forgive someone that you perceive has hurt you so much?” And she said, “just be willing. That’s all, just be willing.” And it changed my life. From that day forward I would just say “I’m willing to forgive this person”. And within a couple of days I had actually forgiven the person. And then I was willing to forgive myself. And now, I find that when triggers happen and I realize, ‘cause sometimes you don’t always realize you’ve been triggered, that I just go to that place, that I’m willing to forgive this person; I’m willing to forgive this situation; I’m willing to forgive myself—that’s the biggest one—I am willing to forgive myself.

Joeaux honoring Marilyn
So, on this beautiful day that we have so many things to be grateful for, I’m willing to forgive everything. I’m willing to look at those triggers that come up, I’m willing to be 100% responsible for the actions that I take, bar none. I am willing. Three of the most powerful words in any language. Muah!
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  1. Karen says:

    This is the single most important thing that I’ve learned from Marilyn. All you have to do is be willing…everything else follows.

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