What is your Mission?

Making a Difference

Many years ago, between 1996-1997, I felt a strong calling to make a difference in this world. I actually felt it in 1993 when I walked in, but in 96-97 it was so strong, that I was changing everything in my life and felt like I had some kind of a calling, some kind of a mission, some kind of a purpose to shift the consciousness of this planet. I thought, oh my gosh!

I still continued to have that vision. I had no idea at the time where it was going to lead. I decided to show up and be willing to do what ever it takes. In fact, one of my teachers says that, “Be willing, show up and look good.” And most of the time I do okay on the looks department.

Following your Desire

I felt this desire, so I started working towards it. I did not decide this is what it is going to look like. I think that is one of the advantages. I didn’t know what my ultimate objective was, besides making a difference in this world. If I would have known that that difference would have included Adironnda, a spokes-being from the 17th dimension, an entire Council of Light that somehow mystically comes through me, as I am their Divine Link. I might not have gone through that process.

So my question to you: What is your mission? What is it that you really love? What is it that you would like to do with that? What would you like to do with those skills, those talents, those abilities that you have, that you love doing, and what is your purpose for that?

Mission Statement

I had to write a mission statement once. It was something like, “I inspire, entertain, and educate and help individuals transform their lives so they can be the best person possible.”

Now… that is my mission statement. However, how I do that is truly up to me.

I know, Joeaux and I work really hard. See Joeaux is working over there in the background. Say “Hi” Joeaux. She is working very hard. You see, it is because it takes a lot to accomplish that mission. Understand, that it may take you a lot to accomplish your mission too. If you love it, it just doesn’t seem like work. It seems like Plurk, Play + work equals Plurk.

So what is your mission?

Sit down this week and see what is it that you would like to see? What is it that you would like to experience? What is that you would like to have accomplished before transforming into another world?

Think about that.

Namastè Y’all!



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