Whatcha Doin’?

relaxing in silence

Whatcha Doin’?

Whatcha doin’? Do you ever notice how, when people call you on the phone and they get your voice mail…they say “Hi, how are you?” You can’t answer, as you have their voicemail. So I’m here asking you, “whatcha doin’?” Like you’re going to answer me. Maybe you are. Let me think. Let me feel…whatcha doin’?

Learning How to Relax

Nope, I can only see what I’m doing. And I am just learning how to relax. I’m really having a wonderful time just finishing a team retreat for Adironnda & Company, and with an amazing silence. Do you ever notice how few times we’re actually silent? I know, y’know, I’ve lived alone and have been really silent a lot, but I’m not really silent just because I’m not talking.

In Deep Silence

This week we were in deep silence. It was pretty cool. I thank Katherine for leading us in this. If you ever need to be led in a silent retreat, she’s the best I’ve seen. If you want her information, let me know.

Maybe the question would be, what are you being…what are you being? I’m being ME. I be ME. I be me. What does that mean? That when you think or feel, better yet, of what it actually does mean to be me, or to be you, that’s pretty cool.

This Fabulous Life

I know when I think of me and all that I’m experiencing in this life, sometimes it’s fabulous! And sometimes I get a little contrast to help me appreciate the fabulous parts. What gets to happen in your life so you can feel that way too? Put it in the Comment line. Remember, that it’s all inside of you…it’s not anything that’s happening on the outside. Coolio!

Namaste, y’all, namaste.


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4 thoughts on “Whatcha Doin’?

  1. Pamela Dorsey says:

    Today I get to be Grammy! I get to show my 3 year old granddaughter how to stay positive, that whining doesn’t work, that fun can be found in a new toy as much as a walk in the leaves, that girls are strong and brave, that love is the most important thing ever! Today I am important as I help shape my granddaughters path.

  2. Deepak Manohar says:

    24/7 – I Am That I Am – Spirit of God resting on me.
    Sometime back I read “Scriptures pause at the borders of the spiritual mind but does not cross them into the splendors if the supramental, Supernatural Light and Love

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