Who Is the Holy Ghost?

If you’ve ever wondered, just who is the Holy Ghost, Master Yeshua has an answer for you. Brought forth by ‘Divine Link’ Marilyn Harper at the Double Digit group channeling on July 7, 2014, he had this to say:


Yeshua: The Holy Ghost is not something to frighten or judge you. It has been labeled the Holy Ghost by the original writers of this book that you read and yet, the Holy Spirit is a part of that essence of divinity that is within each person on this planet, no matter what the belief, no matter what their ideas (Tweetable). That trinity, the three, of the Holy Spirit is that divine energy that is you. It is not separate from you. It is you. We prefer Spirit to Ghost, for you see, with that term, Ghost, that brings up connotations for a small child and that was a part of the fear that was instilled in the origin of that religion that you call Christianity. I am here again to take that fear out. Can you separate the divine spirit from you? No. You can separate your arm or your leg or your finger, your toe, but when you separate your spirit, you are not in physical form. That spirit continues to live in the trilogy: the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. What is the separation, there? How are you separated from your physical father? His blood runs through your blood. His genes run through your genes. A divine father and mother are every bit a part of your energy. The Holy Ghost is you, the spirit of life.


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  1. Cynthia Markiewicz says:

    Enjoy listening to these messages. They are uplifting and assist with living in faith for divine order in all of life.

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