Why is Family important? (It May Be Not Be What You Think)

Is Family Important?

Yes, it’s true – we know family is our blood line. And, we’ve already talked about how you actually chose that “blood line”. But, do you really understand how your family plays a critical role in the evolution of your soul? In this message, Adironnda dives into why it is so important for you to deal with family conflict…

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Why is Family Important in Life?

When you chose your family, you chose evolution. Did you know that your family is important because they actually assist in your evolution?

Adironnda reminds you to let go of the anger and negativity towards your family, or a family member. Those negatives become positives for you health wise, and spiritually.

So it is a good day to you!

We are here once again, and we are hearing a tremendous amount of complaints about your families. What is that about? Take that back.

You chose your family, so just get over yourself. You see, your family, your brothers, your sisters, your sweet aunts – you chose them to help you evolve. So let’s have a revolution, an evolution, ha! What is that…The Beatles’ song that talks about evolution? Or is that revolution?

So you are revolving around your evolution. You see, Dearest ones… Take a deep breath.

Why is family important to you?

Those beings whom you call your physical family, your blood family, they volunteered for that position to help you learn, to help you grow, to help you expand. With that volunteering, you are becoming more you than you have ever been before. Trust, trust that energy, trust yourself. Trust yourself to stay in your power. Trust yourself to stay in that vibrational frequency that we love to call “you”.

“Trust yourself to stay in your power” – Marilyn Harper (Tweet this!)

You see what we mean. Take another deep breath.

Put your hand on your heart and breathe deeply into you. And repeat after us, “I am a delightful being of light. I bring light into this world. I laugh, I play, I ignite the universe around me to be light as well, and for this I am grateful.”

Namaste y’all,


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3 thoughts on “Why is Family important? (It May Be Not Be What You Think)

  1. Becky says:

    Thanks Adironnda. You must’ve heard me complaining loudly under my breath yesterday–such a pity-party! I’ve been so angry lately at my siblings and my Mother’s stubbornness!

    So in this sacred moment of choice, I choose to look at their behavior differently and release them in gratitude and love.

    I appreciate your reminders! This one was eerily timely 😉

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