Wisdom of the Ancients Summit

Wisdom of the Ancients Summit

Hi, I am really excited about today’s weekly message — it’s about the powerful Wisdom of the Ancients Summit. If you listen to it tomorrow, or later on today, know that it’s still good. Today, on Tuesday, October 30th at 4:00 PM PST (7:00 PM EST), I get to be a guest on the internationally famous, Ian Shelley’s Wisdom of the Ancients Telesummit. I know, it’s like a HUGE deal.

Who is Ian Shelley?

First of all, Ian Shelley is one of the most profound speakers, interviewers and people I have ever encountered. And the Wisdom of the Ancients Summit is about acknowledging the wisdom that is within you. It’s about acknowledging the energy that is connected within you. It is about acknowledging that focus.

Access Your Innate Abilities

I think the ancients are coming out in my background here…how cool! Who knows what will happen today on the Telesummit! It’s this evening, Tuesday October 30th at 4:00 PM PST, so listen to the international broadcast and learn to use more of your own innate abilities. I will have a little test to see where you get and how you get your information. I will communicate about how you can remotely view inside of your own body for your own energy of magnification, and for your own health.

Join Me Live – Register Now

I am honored, excited and really looking forward to tonight’s interview with Ian Shelley on the Wisdom of the Ancients Summit. Please join me today LIVE! Or you can listen to it all week long on the replay. So check it out.

Register here and just breathe with me to acknowledge your own wisdom of the ancients that’s coming through you…in your own innate abilities. Namaste y’all. Namaste.