WooHoo! You Can Find it on Amazon.

Woohoo You Can Find it on Amazon!

Double Digitology Book is Here

Hello. I’m excited. I know, I know. I get excited a lot. I love life, and that’s the way it is. Don’t you? I hope you do. I am so excited because our Double Digitology book has launched on Amazon on a Kindle version and a physical book version when you see this message. So I can say, “You can find our book on Amazon.” or if you wish to purchase an autographed copy of the Double Digitology book, you can buy that from our Adironnda & Company store, isn’t that cool?

Author Admiration

Let me tell you, writing a book was a lot harder than I expected it to be. I know a lot of authors and bless their hearts; I’m so impressed by them. I think it’s harder than giving birth because that only took nine months or less, and this took years. I think back to the beginning of the Double Digit. Do you know that we still have some of the original Double Digit subscribers that have been with us now for 11 years? Isn’t that cool?

Grateful for the Help

It seems like hundreds of people have gone into the making of the Double Digitology book. Of course, Joeaux Robey, because she interviewed Adironnda and talked to Adironnda about it. Then Speechpad, who transcribed all the recordings, and Lynne Skaggs, who inspired it. Lynne transcribed so many years of Double Digit; you got it started, Lynne. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Michelle Powers then put all the details together and said, “Okay, you need something here, and you need something here .” Deb Christiansen worked on it as well, and then we rewrote sections, and then I worked on it, and then Lorena Howard worked on it. Gobs of people, I am so grateful for their help.

Future Audible Version

Eventually, Joeaux and I are going to go into the studio and record it for Audible. How cool will that be? I don’t know how I’ll read and channel Adironnda simultaneously, but we’ll figure it out.

Focus a Little Everyday

If you ever thought about writing a book, just do it. You don’t have to write it in order. This one didn’t come out in order. You don’t have to do any of it in order. Just sit down and focus on it a little bit every day, and hopefully, it will take you less than ten years.

Thank You to All

Thank you. Thank you to everyone who has been a Double Digit subscriber for the last 11 years, who have encouraged us to get this book out. And now it’s out so exciting. Woohoo Woohoo. Namaste y’all, namaste.

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