Matching Our Inner and Outer World

outer world match inner world

Does Your Outer World Represent Your Inner World?

Hello, I’m Joeaux Robey, and I wanted to share a little story with you, something that has had me thinking. You often hear Marilyn, and I ask the question, does your outer world represent your inner world?

I listened to this story, it’s about Alexander the Great, and he was conquering the world. And as he went through India, he came across a guru, sitting on a rock, and he said to the guru, “What are you doing?” The guru said, “I’m contemplating life. I’m looking at the world from the inside.” And Alexander said, “What a waste of a life.” And the guru then turned to Alexander, and he said, “Well, what are you doing?” Alexander the Great said, “I’m conquering the world.” And the guru said, “What a waste of a life.”

Our Inner World & Outer World

I thought about that story, and I thought, isn’t it fascinating that we’re a little bit of Alexander and we’re a little bit of the guru, right? We’re working on the inside, and we’re also working on the outside world. And I think that if you’re listening to this video right now… if you’re looking to me, you’re probably working a little bit more on the inside. Soulopreneur and the other things I talk about would interest you, as they relate to working on our inside world and grounding our outside world.

Aligning with What You Want

I recently was thinking about manifesting, and how to truly manifest something, you’ve got to be at a vibration of what you want. And if I could share another little story with you. Marilyn and I were in France, and we had decided to take the train down to Mont Blanc from Paris. And Marilyn had never done it before, of course, I had done it before. I told her before we left, I said, “You have to pack light because we’re going to get on a train, and you have to carry everything.” So she did, she packed light. She packed a carry-on that she could handle, but then she had like this 50-pound backpack.

In France, you get off the train, and you run to the main boards, which will tell you which line your train is going to arriving on. And it’s this constant running and stopping, and jumping on the train. I loved it, but it was something that she wasn’t quite used to.

Manifesting With the Right Vibration

We did this two or three times. She was exhausted by the time we got down to our final destination, which was going to be near Mont Blanc. We knew that we had to get off the train and wait two or three hours for a bus that was going to take us into Mont Blanc. So as we’re on the train, we’re talking, and we’re saying, “Let’s manifest the perfect restaurant.” We had not eaten anything, and we were pretty exhausted, having flown into Paris that day, grabbed our luggage, and headed on this eight hour or six-hour train ride down to Mont Blanc.

Beautiful Little Restaurant

So, as we’re on this final leg of the train ride, we said to each other, “You know, wouldn’t it be great if when we pull into the train station, right across from the station is this beautiful restaurant that has tables outside, that looks right out at Mont Blanc.” You could sit there and look right at Mont Blanc. And we were like, “Yeah, and we could have something to eat and have a little drink, and wait there until the train comes in.” So sure enough, we pull into the train station, we look across the road, and there is this beautiful little restaurant. It’s around eight o’clock at night, and it’s the perfect place to sit on the patio, maybe have a glass of wine or a beer, and a little light something to wait out the next few hours for our bus.

Let Go of the Results

So we grab our luggage, and we head across the street as we get off the train, and we walk into the restaurant, and everybody turns around and looks at us like, “What do you want?” Well, the restaurant closes at eight. We had this beautiful manifestation of getting precisely what we wanted, but it didn’t show up. We forgot that one little detail, and that’s why it’s so important to be clear on what you want and let go of the results, right?

Be Clear on What You Want

What happened was, we were clear on what we wanted. The owner of the restaurant, he was closing, definitely, but he did manage to get us a little bite to eat and a beer, so we could sit there and look at Mont Blanc as the sun was going down. It was so perfect because when he heard that we were Americans and we spoke English, heading to Mont Blanc, and having to wait for this bus until 11:00 PM, he just sat down and said, “Well, I’ll sit with you. I will practice my English as you wait for your bus.”

Being the Guru and Alexander the Great

And thank God he did, because we would’ve missed the bus. The bus didn’t even stop; he had to run and flag it down. The point is it’s a combination of working on both your inner and outer world. It is about being both the guru and Alexander the Great. They both knew what they were doing, but they were at both extremes. I believe that our job here today is to be the guru and, in a sense, be Alexander the Great. I mean in conquering your desire to capture what you believe you’re here to do. And of course, the energy today is of compassionate action, which is what Soulopreneur is all about.

Compassionate Action

So, I leave you with that thought, and I ask you to sit for a moment and think about what it is that you truly want and take a moment to feel it in your emotional body. Maybe spend five minutes, just taking it in. And I thank you so much for listening to this message and spending this time with me. I’ll talk to you again soon. Bye-bye.


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