Writing While You Sleep

Writing While You Sleep

Soar with the Angels

Hello. You just really never know what sort of things you can accomplish until you just try, until you do it, until you just close your eyes, jump off the cliff and soar with the angels, and know that it’s going to be okay. I’ve done that many times.

First Book

My first husband told me that I reinvent myself a lot. He said that I’d recreated myself every several years. Probably every seven. I was going through my bookcase again. And I landed upon the first book that I ever wrote. And surprisingly enough, I forgot all about it. The book is about numerology, and I taught a little class at our unity church. I think I was channeling by this time, but maybe not very proficiently. I wasn’t connected with “The Joeaux” and all of that yet.

Believe in Yourself

I was just looking through the book, and I thought, “For somebody that doesn’t do anything with graphics or artwork, it’s not too bad. It has the information there.” I think the thing that scares us the most in writing a book or putting things down or being creative is the fear that we’re not good enough or the feeling that “Who would ever want to listen to me?” Which again, is that not good enough thing.

Laying Down the Groundwork

I am in the process of going through all of the Channeler’s Academy modules. I teach the Channeler’s Academy, and I’m the kind of teacher that we go with what’s right here in front of us. We work on it in a very conscious fashion in that capacity to build our channeling muscles, build our intuitive muscles, and lay down the groundwork and the foundation for all of that. So people can lift their spirits and channel beings no longer in physical form or galactics or whoever.

Overcoming Intimidations

I worked on the workbook because the class from last year has requested a workbook, and I was totally and completely intimidated by that fact. I mean, since I walked in, I don’t even write in English any longer. My syntax, my words are out of order. And you almost have to read it out loud to see what I’m talking about. I’ve had people tell me that. So I was very much intimidated about writing a workbook to go along with the modules that I presented verbally and recorded.

Asking for Help

It’s interesting that when I speak, people know what I’m talking about, usually. I mean, sometimes “The Joeaux” has to translate, but normally, when I talk, people get it. But when I write, sometimes they’re like, “What? What are you saying?” Until they read it out loud, and then it makes sense to them. So as I was being intimidated by creating this workbook to go along with the courses, I just asked to channel that inner writer. I know I’ve got writers that are connected to my own higher self. And so I just started connecting with them, and it’s absolutely fascinating. So you might try this if you’re intimidated by something, that as I’m going to sleep, I asked for help in writing this workbook and creating this workbook in a logical, entertaining, educating, inspiring fashion.

Learnable Process

And when I wake up, I lay there for a while and balance my chakras and think, “Do I really have to get up? It’s not even light yet.” And I start breathing into the information about this workbook, what it might look like and how the book should be laid out, and I love it. It is such a process that is learnable and trainable.

Connecting with Your Higher Self

So my message for you this week is that if you are intimidated by anything you want to do, you want to experience, create, and stop being intimidated by it. If you have the desire to do something, the skill is there. You may get the opportunity to work on it while you’re sleeping, or you may get the opportunity to take a class. But if you’re stuck and intimidated by something, try not to let that stop you, and ask for your own higher self to come in while you’re sleeping and teach you how to do it. We are our own creative life force.

Expanding Your Horizon

The other day I was looking at Michael Bernard Beckwith’s book “The answer is you.” I’m learning to read books again. I’m expanding my horizon with the ability to read books again. And again, that is a little intimidating to me. I don’t read while I’m asleep, and I don’t sleep with the books in bed anymore. Now I want to look at the words.

Take It to Bed with You

And so, know that you can do whatever it is that you are choosing to do. If you have the desire to do something, breathe into it, feel into it, see it as though it’s already done, and then take it to bed with you. And see what happens when you wake up in the morning. My workbook is being lined out while in my journaling. How cool is that? Which is the same way that the course was developed during my guided writing. So anyway, I just wanted to give you that little tip. Write while you sleep. We’ll see you. Namaste, y’all. Namaste.

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