Yeshua Talks about the Power of Play

Master Yeshua made another appearance
at our
Double Digit Group Channeling Session, on July 7, 2014.
The numbers lined up to support a playful energy, so

he spoke of the awesome power of play.


ADIRONNDA: So it is good day to you! Very good to see each of you while we introduce ourselves as Adironnda. Very nice to make your acquaintance. Very good to connect with each of you. Blessings, blessings, blessings as we meet in this wonderful space in this wonderful world.

As you know, today is a powerful day—07-07-2014. That adds up to a 777, you see you’ve got the 7 and the 7 and then 2014 is also a 7, so with the 777 energy, that is the energy of pure power and the energy of pure frequency in the connection that is lined up for the Ascended Masters to be your greatest cheerleaders, to be your greatest energy. You have to remember that we have people here [faces screen] and we have people over here [indicates live audience off to Marilyn’s right], so when you see [the video], you may get seasick.

With that energy of the 777, what you are experiencing is the powerful energy of the triple digit instead of just the double digit. The 777 is about acknowledging your own Ascended Masters, your own ascended connection to truly get behind whatever intention that you are setting for today. When you set this intention for today, that is going to be magnified with that triple digit, so take a deep breath…very good. What is the first thing that comes to mind to set your intention for today, that is indeed what you will be experiencing?

You also have the 777 when you add the entire day up—7 plus 7 plus 2 plus 1 plus 4 equals a 21. That breaks down to a 3 so that brings in that wondrous energy. The numerology of the 3 which is play, which is creativity, which is wondrous energy of excitement, which is imagination, which is igniting the child that is within you, and it is also the sacred trinity, the holy trinity. You see back in the background, part of the holy trinity — [Indicates framed renditions of ] the sacred mother and Master Yeshua. With that frequency and that energy, that brings forth always, counting on the sacred 3, the triangle. So we would ignite that triangle shape within you. We would ignite that triangle frequency.

The triangle is all sides being connected. All your personalities — your ego and your id and your super ego — all of that being connected today. In the past six weeks, we have just come out of a period of trauma, so you may have experienced a great deal of emotion. Anyone experience any emotion today [looks to live audience]? Yes, yes. They are raising their hands. The Vessel is raising her hand back here and, with that emotion, what has happened, that is like — you know how, when you have something that is very big in your energy, and you’ve been working towards it and you get all of those details put together and all of those feelings put together… with that energy, it is like an emotional letdown. You see what we say? Your emotions are going [deep sigh] I completed that cycle and many times that happens with waterworks. Many times that pressure that comes out is that amazing waterworks.

Master Yeshua with kids

With that energy, with that frequency of the play energy and the frequency of the ascended Masters, know that the Ascended Masters are here with you always. [DEAD AIR: 11:52 – 12:04]

Yes and as we are here, dearest ones, we are so honored by your presence. Each of you is a sacred gift to humanity. Each of you. We are here…I am here to remind you who you are. Breathe. Now words in the books, they’ve said you must become as children to enter the kingdom of heaven. We are here to tell you that it is your choice to be in that heaven now. We ask you to remember and be present with the child that is within you. You see, there is nothing like the laughter of a baby. Each remember when you hear a baby’s laughter, they laugh from their core. When a baby laughs, they also learn that the adults around them respond to that laughter so it is a way of opening the heart of their adult. The next 30 days we ask you, I ask you (phone ringing…) to laugh. There are no accidents. At the most appropriate time, the universe will remind you that laughter is your best message. Laughter is your key. It took a lot of doing to get the phone to ring right now and to announce the number.

You see, that breeds???

As you watch children play when they are very young, under one year, they’ve already begun forming their personality. Some will naturally share their toys, some will naturally keep their toys. We let you know that that programming, that imprinting begins in the womb. That message starts in your own heart but will first acknowledgment of sound and for some, you may spend the rest of your life getting over that for you see, the innocence of a child is what we want you to think of in the next 30 days. Think what it was like the first time you played in the rain. Do you remember? Think of what it was like the first time you went to a park and went down a slide. First you were a bit frightened, do you remember being frightened? And then, you stepped through your fear as you watched others. We are asking you to step through your fear and remind yourself about who you are and give yourself permission to play. Give yourself permission to love yourself. That is what I said. Love yourself as you love others. And ask for help. How many times do you ask for help and how many times do you believe you must do it all yourself? Surrender. Surrender to your greatest joy and see what happens as you surrender. That is where the miraculous places are in that heart of surrender. That is where the energy is in that frequency of surrendering to love, in gratitude. How many times are you grateful for trauma, or crisis? In some languages it’s synonymous with opportunity. You know, in your past, there have been many situations that might appear to be a crisis. In actuality, it’s an opportunity for you to go in a different direction and trust. We cannot teach you more than to simply trust. You see, with that trust, miraculous things can happen. If you believe your car will be ready at a car repair place on Saturday, it will be ready on Saturday. But if you want to attend someplace on Saturday and believe it will be ready on Friday, it will be ready on Friday. If you believe that you are lost, you are. You see, your GPS in the automobile leads you always to a destination. Sometimes you seem to go around in circles with your GPS and yet, as you let go of your control, you always get to your destination. Now your particular GPS may lead you astray. Have you ever had that experience? Yes. That’s when your personal GPS comes into play. Those traumas, those challenges, those people that frustrate you, that you have difficulties with, play with them. Play with their energy. You see, when you approach something, some situation with a childlike innocence of play, those opportunities are much easier to move through.

Marilyn Harper in Group

Those of you who are joining us for the first time, welcome. The difference in my energy, my presence with our sweet, divine link, Marilyn, is with Adironnda. She is separate, aside. We have asked her to stay inside and sometimes she gets a bit emotional for you see, she, as you, are not used to being completely accepted and loved. You are not used to sitting and sending out complete unconditional love and yet we ask that of you. We ask you to experience that because I love you so much. I am here as a messenger, a teacher so you can, if you choose, save yourself. That is why you see the water come up in the energy of our divine link’s body and it also gives you permission to feel your own love. With that love comes total trust. Do you trust your neighbor? Do you trust your friends? Do you trust yourself to make the right decisions? Adironnda says, “Trust yourself and you will know how to live.” We say simply, Trust. Trust all things and understand that there is no such thing as the wrong decision. You may have some things that you might want to play with a bit for you see, the more serious you take those crises, the more energy you put behind those crises and that’s what gets bigger. I know. I know. You choose to approach all people with the same love that I approach you with otherwise you would not be here. Otherwise you would not adapt to my energy. We use our because we feel the Council’s presence stronger tonight so they are holding the space for each of you present here as am I. Remember when you have challenges with your colleagues at work, with your friends, with your family, every single time you say. “Well, if that person didn’t do this…” they are reflecting something in you. If every single time you point that finger to blame, that is still your reflection even though many times it’s very difficult for you to accept or believe. They are there for you because at some point, they loved you enough to volunteer to teach you…maybe about boundaries…maybe about compassion…maybe about the fact that you don’t have to know it all and you can say, “I don’t understand how to do this. It’s not because I’m stupid or ignorant, I just don’t understand.” Teach me. Gently. Play with me and feel that laughter as the child feels that laughter.

You know, there are many questions. As you play with those questions, as you look through them, breathe into the truth of your answers. We ask you to place them through your own discernment because I am not the end all. I see from your reflection, the picture on the wall behind, I don’t really look like that, but it is a nice, handsome image so we are honored by that. You see, in that picture, there’s nearly 2,000 years of programming. The reason this picture is good is so we can laugh at our own energy (telephone ringing) so we can enjoy playing with our presence. It is time to play with the universe so when you feel a bit anxious, instead of thinking of all the things that frustrate you, ask yourself how you can play with that and ask for help from those in physical form and from the Ascended Masters. You see, my brothers and sisters, my mother and my father are also your brothers and sisters, and your mother and your father. Remember that. We understand, I understand that that statement might be against your training or your belief and I love you for that. Are there questions from the Joeaux?

Joeaux: Yes, there are questions. Thank you for that reminder. Why don’t people stop destroying Mother Earth and show her more respect? This comes from Janice.

Saving Mother Earth

Yeshua: Why don’t people start helping Mother Earth instead of destroying Mother Earth? What are you doing, sweet Janice, to help protect Mother Earth? You see, each one of you here are a part of that protection. When you complain, that complaint energy is what is expanding. When you are proactive and do something, that is what is expanding so start focusing on the people who are leading the destruction for their own personal enlightenment. It is just an opportunity. In May, we asked the leaders of this planet to start with prayer and meditation when they gather and they did. In June, we asked—did you ask—we asked for new ideas and new things, you stated this earlier to our sweet, divine link. Our sweet Frieda asked for free energy, clean energy and yesterday or the day before, the new program has been invoked. So, come at the protection of this planet from the positive and not the negative.

You see, as you come at the protection of this planet, each day for the past 20 days, our sweet, divine link has gotten online and led a guided meditation from all over the planet to heal this planet and the peoples on this planet. That is being proactive. What are you doing? Janice, we believe you are doing something. We ask you each to gather in groups that magnifies the energy. See the illumination, feel what it feels like to have a protected, strong planet and the peoples of the planet being caretakers of this planet and others, then changes will be made. Next question.

Joeaux: This comes from our friend, Liz. She asks about her friend, Carl, who is making his transition. Is there anything you can tell her to share with him to ease his trip?

Yeshua: Sweet Liz, we know your friend Carl is a bit frightened. In the afterlife—and you can tell him this—but we ask you to tell him telepathically for you have told him with your words and his conscious mind doesn’t choose to believe it. So as your friend Carl, or anyone else who is transitioning, communicate with them telepathically and let them know that the afterlife is wonderful. It is in my presence always. It is in the presence of those who loved him the most; it is in the presence of a strong, healthy body and its greatest desires. There is no such thing as punishment in the afterlife no matter what you have done on this planet, you are not punished—you are loved into your redemption and your learning so you can return again a better human. You communicate telepathically with sweet Carl. Hold him, help him. That is a part of your task, Liz, sweet Liz, that you have helped many cross. Breathe into that and the next go-round, you and Carl may meet up again in a different relationship. Next question.

Joeaux: This comes from Robbie. She asks, Who is the Holy Ghost?

Yeshua: The Holy Ghost is not something to frighten or judge you. It has been labeled the Holy Ghost by the original writers of this book that you read and yet, the Holy Spirit is a part of that essence of divinity that is within each person on this planet no matter what the belief, no matter what their idea. That trinity, the three, of the Holy Spirit is that divine energy that is you. It is not separate from you. It is you. We prefer Spirit to Ghost, for you see, with that term, Ghost, that brings up connotations for a small child and that was a part of the fear that was instilled in the origin of that religion you call Christianity. I am here again to take that fear out. Your Holy Spirit, Robbie, is you. Can you separate the divine spirit from you? No. You can separate your arm or your leg or your finger, your toe, but when you separate your spirit, you are not in physical form. That spirit continues to live in the trilogy: the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. It is the separation, then. How are you separated from your physical father? His blood runs through your blood. His genes run through your genes. A divine father and mother are every much a part of your energy. The son is the same as your brother. Although you might enjoy the company of the son more than your brother, but we ask you to love that brother as you love the son. The Holy Ghost is you. The spirit of life. Next question.

Joeaux: This question comes from Michelle. How do I invite my inner child out to play? I feel she loves to dance and commune with nature.

Yeshua: How do you not? The only reason you do not invite your inner child out to play is because you have been trained not to play because it is a waste of your time. You must play every single day for the next 30 days. We implore you. We charge you. We plead with you to play every single day. Go to a park and take off your shoes and feel the grass. If you are near the ocean, go to the ocean and splash in the water. If it rains, jump in the middle of the puddle and see how that feels. Skip. Take yourself on a play date that you, Michelle, are the only one that can give you permission to do so. Put it in your calendar and every day for 15, 20, 30, 40 minutes, an hour…two hours…once a week take 2 hours and play. And you get to define what that play is so when you ask, “How can you…” We say, “How can you not?”

Do we have questions from our studio audience? Yes, Frieda has a question.



Joeaux: Is she asking the question I wrote down earlier? If you were Master Yeshua when you were on Earth, why do you also have the name of Jesus the Christed one or Jesus of Nazareth?

Yeshua: And why are there so many names? [inaudible-Yeshua repeats] Amanda, Kuthumi, how many names are there of God? 72 or more? My true essence is Yeshua ben Joseph. That’s the name I was referred to when I was alive. Yeshua, son of Joseph. I came from Nazareth and my last name is not Christ, my last name is not Sananda. That is a nickname for my Christ consciousness energy. Sananda is a name that has been given to me by some ancient speakers and it has stuck. My first name is not Master. My name is Yeshua and yet, because of my life here, it seems to have expanded into a larger mission than I consciously expected. There are those that would bring in my words or teachings that feel the need to label me with something else. You must, sweet Frieda, use the words that you feel in your heart. I personally like Yeshua. Our sweet divine link calls me Master Yeshua and I call her Master Marilyn. Master Melissa. Master Amy. Master Marsha. You see, with my presence what I am choosing is to awaken that holy spirit within you so you know who you are and you can hold that energy of unconditional love always. Does that answer your question? Another question. [inaudible]

Sweet Rose has asked if I’ll be coming back in physical form at another time. I am here. I am in your physical form now. There are many who would want me to return to this planet and lead this planet out of darkness and yet, every day you are resurrected to lead this planet out of darkness so to come back in physical form as every baby that is born, I am there. With every open heart that I see, I am there. That is the Christ consciousness which was reborn in your heart. The last time I came in physical form, the ending was a little difficult. Imagine what it might be like to have one individual come to this planet and claim to be a leader from God. There are many thousands, millions. You see, if one person came back, the Christian world would call them the anti-Christ and have them slaughtered again. Yes? So instead, the source of all that is did it a little differently this time. In the year 2000, there was an awakening of the Christ Consciousness in the heart of humanity. In the year 2000, that essence of love was reignited into your own heart. What would you do differently if you were to believe that the Christ, Yeshua, if you prefer, is reborn in your heart? What would you do? Then do it because it is true. Does that answer your question? It would be nice for a day [phonetically: use ex-mock-ina]—meaning to swoop in and save the world. That is why you are here…to swoop in and save the world. I taught you how to live. That was my quest…not how to die.

Is there another question from our group online?

Joeaux: Yes. This one is from our friend, Sara. She asks, “Master Yeshua, since meeting Marilyn and Adironnda, I’ve been shown over the past several years that many of the souls that walked with you are here on Earth. It feels like there’s a greater purpose of coming together for these souls at this time. Adironnda has also mentioned in various activations, you’re the ones we’ve been waiting for. Would you mind sharing with us what is the purpose of the incarnation of these souls at this time?”

Yeshua: Dearest Sara. At pinnacle times in history, the transition of Lemuria, the transition in and out of Atlantis, the transition of the Aztec and the Toltec, the transition of the Egyptian, the transition into and out of Christianity, you each played a part in that. Why wouldn’t you be here again, now? We are moving into a new age of humanity. In June, 6-6, we let you know that you are uniting, giving birth to a new age, a new land, a new Earth. The people 2000 years ago also gave birth to a new land, a new age, a new time and because they did not understand much of humanity went into darkness for several hundred years. The leaders of the church led them from that darkness yet they did so with fear and control, but you are here so something must’ve worked right. Now we are here again as each of you are and we are asking you because you volunteered again. You raised your hand to lead and play a part to shift that conscious energy with love. You are still here to learn.

The souls that were on the Earth with me when I was here in physical form fragmented and multiplied to increase the energy. I ask you to gather your souls together again and pray together, play together, meditate together. When I was a child, my friends and I would make clay figures at the banks of the river. I could blow life into that clay figure and help it move about on its own. You can, too as you blow life into the presence that is all around you.

More questions?

Joeaux: This one comes from Pam. First of all she wants to say Hi Sherry and Amy. She saw them in the group when Marilyn turned the computer around. The question is, why can’t she cry? Her best friend died June 6th and she hasn’t shed a tear. What’s wrong with her?

Yeshua: Dearest Pam. Sweet Pam. There is nothing wrong with you…not now, not ever. When you wept for many years over the passage of your son, you prepared your soul for the passage of your friend. You’ve seen into the afterlife and you know how wonderful it is. Yes, you miss your friend but do you weep when your best friend moves to another town for a wonderful opportunity of love and life? No. Why is that any different? You disconnected your heart a bit because the feeling part was so intense with your son. There may come a time when you weep for the loss of your friend yet you know it is not a loss. Wouldn’t you love to have your friend live in a state of bliss always? What is there to tear about? What is there to weep about? You understand that. If you are not weeping because you want to be strong and you stuff that back inside, sometime it will come out. If you are not weeping because you know where Laura is, there’s nothing wrong with that. Do not be so judgmental on yourself, dearest Pam.

Do we have a question here?

Before we do the activation, anyone else? Melissa! [inaudible]

So Melissa is asking how to bring the sound of the singing bowls into an engineering firm. She’s thinking of it like a sound bath—I’m repeating the question because I don’t think you heard it, correct?

Joeaux: Correct.

Yeshua: First, feel what it will feel like for it to be done. Then work up a prospectus, a proposal because in engineering, they like paper and documentation and presentation so get all of your ducks in a row and to know that there are many engineering firms and corporations that are involving drumming that are involving spirituality and spiritual teaching and this is an extension of that. Set the plan together and it will happen. You see, all of those intentions that you felt in the beginning are present. Is there one more question, Joeaux?

Joeaux: Yes. Lauren asks to please explain how it is that we are part of an oversoul.

Etheric Body

Yeshua: Your oversoul is the housing for your guidance system. Every person has a guidance system that works with them. Their angels, their teachers, and maybe your Great Aunt Lilly that has agreed to be a part of your guidance. They are housed in an energy around your body, the physical body, that I call the oversoul. It is not separate and it is not the same, but it is a part of you. And it is separate and it is the same for your see, it is all things but it is like your footprint. Your oversoul, the housing for your guidance, is unique to you and is a part of your cellular system and is separate from your cellular system. You understand? It makes one go, Hmmmm… That ought to be deep. [inaudible}

The etheric body is the energy body that is very close to the body. We see the oversoul as much larger on the outside of the auric field. You see, in this picture here, the auric field is golden. That is the auric field, not the oversoul. The oversoul is never really pictured—at least we’ve not seen it as such.

It is time for our activation. You had an intention…


They are praying for the healing of the food and water to be pure. So take a deep breath.

Could you make one strike on that bowl?

Holy Mother, Father God, sweet divine spirit that is you. We move through the cells of this body and all bodies that we connect with and we breathe into that essence. We know that each challenge, each crisis, each thing that may be interpreted as a problem is only an opportunity to play as the child. We know that each person is a miracle of love. Breathe in that miracle that you are.

We place our hands on your digestive system. You may feel them there or have a sensation of their presence. It is my intention to activate the flow within each of your digestive systems to transform the chemicals in the foods that are against your natural health into something that is healthy to maintain and digest. We expand that energy, the perfect digestion, to the leaders of this planet and those that control the decision making in the food production that there will be an awakening, an epiphany, an action taken for justice and truth and integrity and the production of food and the growth of food to be for physical health and not simply financial well-being. That the laws that are not in integrity of the divine essence of humanity will be shifted and accelerated with ease and grace and compassion.

We see those who are the lawmakers, the Congress, the Senate, the Representatives…we see with clarity and wisdom and act on behalf of the people and their true essence of health. In the meantime, we ask that your body transform anything that does not serve it. Your intention is key as you bless your food and your beverage with health. As you bless your body you are blessing me because I am you. Breathe into you. Be thankful for who you are as you breathe into this present moment, play every day even with the things that aren’t so much fun, find the play within them. You are me and I am within you and I love you more than you can possibly imagine. I am with you always…always. Namaste. Namaste.

Marilyn: Talk amongst yourself for a while!


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