You Are The Creator

Creating Peace

Hello, Marilyn Harper here. I just wanted to share some words of wisdom from A Course in Miracles. If you have been with us for any time, you know that Joeaux and I are both doing A Course in Miracles. I really want to share this quote from the book with you. “To have peace, teach peace to learn it.” So with that energy, we are creating peace as we’re teaching it. Then I read further on, and it said, “Lack of order of difficulty in miracles has not yet been accepted because nothing is difficult that is holy desired.”


Our Heart’s Desire

That means peace is what we desire, so there’s no difficulty in that, that it comes to us because that is our heart’s desire. “To desire holy is to create, and creating cannot be difficult if God, or if love created you as a creator.”I thought about that, so if I am the Creator and I am the energy. I am the peace, and I am all things that I desire, then there is no order of difficulty within them. If you’re not familiar with it, this book’s theoretically channeled by someone who was not a believer in Jesus or God or anything else. It was channeled from the messages and teachings of Yeshua, Jesus.

Turn It Over To Love

If Yeshua is telling you that everything you desire is already yours because you are the Creator, my question is, is how do we get that in the cells of our body; so we accept it, we realize it, we believe it, and we trust it 110%. Then, I just heard, turn it over to God, turn it over to love.

If you have trouble with the word, God, it’s probably from some old programming somewhere, and we don’t have any old programming. There are no paradigms from where we are right now. We live in this present moment, and we are creating this moment of peace right here, right now.

So whenever you think it’s a little challenging, stop and turn it all over and let you, as the Creator, create and get out of the way and watch what happens. Namaste Y’all.

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