Two Worlds


You Can Only See Two Worlds

Hello it’s Joeaux, I am so happy to be sitting here outside just enjoying this just beautiful place that I live in, this beautiful world, and it got me thinking about something. I just read with A Course in Miracles…it says you can only see two worlds.

A Trip to India

When you choose, one the other disappears. And it reminded me of a story that I read recently about a young man who had gone to Harvard. He had done so well there that his parents said, “Okay, for graduation we’re going to give you a trip to India.” He was supposed to come back and go to law school, but when he went he met this guru and the guru said, “It’s impossible to have fame and fortune and happiness in all of those things and find yourself. That what you seek, you find through peace and solitude.” And he was so impressed with the guru that he decided, okay, this is really what I want, so I’m going to give up all my worldly possessions. I’m gonna to stay here in India in the ashram, and this is how I’m going to live my life.

Well, about a year later he wrote a letter home to his parents and he said, “I found it. I’m not returning, I am not gonna to go to law school. I’m gonna to stay here. I love being in the ashram. There’s no competition, there’s no backstabbing, you know, people are peaceful and happy and this is what I seek. And in fact I’m doing so well here that I’m disciple number two, and I bet if I stay in a year I’ll be disciple number one.”

I just thought that was so funny when I heard that story because it’s such proof of our own egos. It’s such proof that our ego wants to keep us in world number two, what I’ll call the unreal world. Even when we are in the real world of seeking peace and solitude the subtleties of our ego will sneak in there and get us. So I just ask you this question, which world are you in? If you can only seek one, which world are you in? Leave your comments below. Namaste.

Photo by: Jens Lelie on Unsplash