You Look Good!

You know, I have listened to lots of people when they take pictures, because at all of our events, people are always taking pictures of things, and me, and them. And I look at my picture and I think, oh, I need to stand up straighter, I need to do this, I need to hold my mouth different. They look at their picture, and they say the same thing.

You know?

And it’s no matter how gorgeous or how handsome somebody is, they seem to look at their own picture and they only see the faults. They only see the things that they would like to correct or change about themselves.

Look at your picture, and say “Wow. I look pretty good.”

So, I think I wanna try an experiment that whenever you look at your picture, I want you to only say, “Wow. I look pretty good.” And then leave it at that.

And when you look at your reflection in the mirror, say, “Wow, I look pretty good.” And just see if you can shift that old programming that says that you have to be perfect because of someone’s definition of what perfection actually looks like.

You know, I’ve been with, you know, Joeaux, who is beautiful, in my opinion, and I see her criticize her own pictures, and I’m thinking, “God, she’s got this perfect smile, she’s got this perfect body.” But you see, it’s all in the perception of who’s doing the looking.

You are perfect!

So I know when I look at her, or when other people look at her, they see this beautiful woman…when they look at me they see this beautiful, well-rounded, curvalicious beauty. And that’s really what we get the opportunity to see.

Joeaux is laughing at me right now. Yes, and understand that there are no accidents that are created by God, you know? There are no mistakes, that we are who we are because we’ve chosen that. And we look like who we look like because of our gene pool, and because that’s what we are choosing. And that’s pretty darn good.

Yeah, just look back at your mirror, look at your, you know, your computer screen, you know, flip it around so you can see yourself, or flip your phone for your selfie. Oh. You know, I look pretty darn good. And so do you.

Here, I don’t know if I can take a picture of you, but I would if I could. Just take a picture, click. You look pretty darn good. You look great, as a matter of fact. Why, I think you are a sparkling delight of energy on this planet right where you are. How fun is that? A sparkling delight of energy. Well, from one sparkle to another.


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4 thoughts on “You Look Good!

  1. Kristi Gerhardt says:

    Thank you so much for this message! I just viewed it before bedtime. It really spoke to me to my core. I appreciate you Marilyn and Joy. May you always be blessed with laughter and your hearts desires.

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