Your Ego is Like a Xerox Machine

Your Ego is Like a Xerox Machine

Printing out Information

Hello. I was talking to myself this morning in my meditation. Do you ever do that? I usually write in my Adironnda Journal, but someone gave me a journal gift. It says anything is possible. Well, now we know that anything is possible as well as everything is possible. But what came through in my journaling this morning was very interesting.

It was about the ego, which I think might’ve been one of the last messages that you have gotten just from me. So it’s like, oh, well, it’s a continuation of that. They said that the ego is like a Xerox machine or a copying machine. And I’m like, err, what? Do you ever do that in your meditation to say, “What are you talking about in there?” So the response was that your ego, which we love, know, and learn how to control, is like a Xerox copy machine. It can only spit out what you have already put into it, which ultimately, in some ways that’s a good thing.

The last time I spoke about The Ego, I mentioned it had a purpose to protect you against being eaten by saber tooth tigers. Of course, we’re not being eaten by saber tooth tigers right now, but it does protect you from things of the past. Remember, the Xerox machine can only print out what you put into it. It cannot print new information; it is only a copy machine similar to the ego.

Childhood Imprints

When you were a kid, your ego made a copy when you touched the hot stove, and it burned your finger, or you started to touch the hot stove, and your parents freaked out and said, “Don’t touch that stove.” Or you got punished because you were going to touch the hot stove when you didn’t know what the stove was. So it imprinted or laid down a copy of that imprint, that message. The ego can print that back out whenever you need it, so the next time you see a stove, you can say, oh, the stove is hot. Do not touch, which is a good thing. But it also imprinted or prints out other things that happened to you when you were a kid. And I started to think, well, what does it print out whenever I’m trying to do something?

I know for me, and I know for many others, one of the imprints was when I was trying really hard to do something when I was a toddler, and some voice of authority said, “You cannot do that. You are not big enough. You’re not strong enough. You are not tall enough. You’re not enough.” That’s the imprint you’re not enough, no matter what the adjective was that they put into that sentence. You’re not tall enough, strong enough, pretty enough, big enough, blah, blah. Right? Now you have that imprint. You’re not enough.

Akashic Records

Every time you try to do something new now, that imprint of your not enough comes up, like a Xerox copy machine. So it prints that copy out again. Or maybe when you were in seventh or eighth grade, and all your girlfriends got mad at you and dumped you, and you thought, oh my God, what’s wrong with me? I’m a bad person. Oh, I’m so bad. And it may not have had anything at all to do with you.

You can go into your Akashic Records, look at the situation and find that out. But more than likely, it didn’t have anything to do with you. And you were only looking at the result of what appeared to be the correct circumstances, right? So your ego being the copy machine that it is, will continue to print that out. Every time you meet new people, you’re going to think, they’re going to get mad at me, and they’re going to leave.

Reading Old Copy

I still have a little bit of it, but I’m working through it, an imprint, a copy that was running in my life; all of my friends would abandoned me like my girlfriend growing up. I knew her from the time I was three; we were best friends, but she moved away in the fourth grade. Then I got another girlfriend in fourth grade, and she moved away. Then I got another girlfriend, and she moved away. And it’s like, okay. So the imprint is all of my friends leave me at some time or another. But, so far, Joeaux has stuck around longer than anybody else as a business partner and friend.

That imprint sometimes bubbles up whenever I’m feeling insecure. I know you probably cannot even imagine me feeling insecure, but I’m human, just like everybody else. And those situations come up so we can deal with them. And we may check and say, okay, so what was our Xerox copy machine, what imprint is that? Oh, your friend’s going to move away. Well, that’s not true. And start asking yourself, well, is that true? Is that real? Is that really the situation that is at hand? Or are you just reading an old copy printed out by your Xerox machine, which is your ego?

Cellular Memories

Therefore with the ego, which we know and love, keeps us from touching that hot stove, or the ego also has an imprint of going into danger, danger, and it will start tingling or set off your spidey sense. Now, the trick is it may not recognize danger as danger now. I mean, going into a dark alley when you’re all alone, and you don’t know where you are, that may set off your spidey sense, that may set off your ego saying, don’t go there. So even when you’re going into a new experience, new frequency, new energy, new program, new conference, or something good for you, your ego may interpret it the same way.

Some of those same cellular memories may be going off in your brain; I’m not enough or blah, blah, blah. The stories that you’ve been telling yourself for years. So that may set that off, that ego of, oh, this is dangerous. Don’t go there. And it will start creating a scenario copied from that experience that may have been similar when it did keep you out of danger. Does that make sense? We learn to control our egos and understand them as we all have an ego, and some people have mastered it much better than others. And so my question is, okay, what did they do?

I spoke at Unity of Fayetteville on How to Blissapline Your Ego, and it’s all about learning. It’s all about understanding the purpose of the ego. And in the past, that’s how the ego has learned. So when you’re stepping into new territory, like you are right now, because everything is new, right? Your ego is going to set off danger, danger by you going into new territory.

So it’s just a matter of settling that ego down, letting it know that it’s still loved, it’s still present, and we still honor it. And thank you for trying to keep us safe. We are safe, and we’re going to have a new experience. So I ask you little ego to learn from that experience. I am so thankful to be back. And so grateful to be talking with you. I love you all so much. Namaste y’ all. Namaste.

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