Your Heart Knows

your heart knows

Your Heart Knows

Hi, it’s Joeaux. Don’t worry I’m not driving, I’ve pulled off on the side of the road. Boy, big changes, huh? Really, really big changes. We read about how the energy is affecting everything, and then all of a sudden, BAM! There it is, right in your own life. Rest assured, your heart knows where to go.

Time to Make a Move

I’m going through a very conscious uncoupling with my husband of 32 years, who’s a wonderful man, but we just found ourselves on a different path. And on top of it, I’m moving to Branson to be near Marilyn, so that we can focus more on our business. And I was thinking…I should probably go to college too, because then I could hit all the major milestones at once. 🙂

Change Happens

It’s funny how when the time is right, you take it on. When you’re ready, it just happens, and it’s all good. You feel like this huge, I don’t want to say burden, but this huge sense of freedom has been lifted from you, because you can be yourself. You get to step into your truth.

Following Your Heart

And so, for anybody else out there who’s going through major changes as I am, I just want to say to you, “breathe, hang in there, and KNOW, that you cannot be wrong when you’re following your heart.” You cannot be wrong. And I know I’m following my heart. And I’m so grateful to all of you, for being the support to us at Adironnda and Company, that we want to be to you. Love you so much. Muah!

Have you experienced big changes in 2019? In what ways are you following your heart? We’d love to hear about it. Leave a comment in the box below.